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We have designed this site to be as compatible as possible, but to get the most from it we recommend that you set your screen to a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and that you adjust the colour setting to at least TrueColour 16 bit.

These settings can be found by right clicking your mouse on the Windows desktop and selecting the Properties option. The screen resolution - called the Screen Size on later versions of Windows - can be selected using the slider control at the bottom right. The colour depth can be selected by clicking the drop down box underneath the Colours option immediately to the left of the Screen Size selector mentioned above.

Macintosh users should refer to their Control Panel or System Preferences to achieve the same results.

This web site has been constructed using the latest software and has been thoroughly tested for errors; but nothing is perfect, and if you discover a problem - no matter how small you might feel it to be - please email:



We have tried to ensure that this site is compatible with current standards in web page markup. We have recently achieved the CSS validation as laid down by W3C.


The Graffo Script web site has been designed and produced by Kaboodle Creative Ltd.


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